Project Baysox Roster 2013

(via MASN with some help from Orioles Hangout and some guesses about where everyone will play)

C – Luis Martinez

1B – Aaron Baker

2B – Ty Kelly

3B – Brandon Waring

SS – Garabez Rosa

LF – Kyle Hudson

CF – Xavier Avery

RF – Lew Ford

DH/C/1B – Caleb Joseph

C – Brian Ward

INF – Zelous Wheeler

OF – Buck Britton

SP – Dylan Bundy (DL?)

SP – Kevin Gausman

SP – Mike Wright

SP – Jacob Pettit

SP – Eddie Gamboa

CL – David Walters

Set-up – Sean Gleason

Set-up – Chris Petrini

Mid – Zech Zinicola

Mid – Tom Boleska

Mid – Tim Bascom

Mid – Jason Gurka

Mid – Andy Loomis

Mid – Clayton Schrader

Long – Julio Rodriguez

Of course, all of this will  be resolved on opening day, which is tomorrow.

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2 responses to “Project Baysox Roster 2013

  1. duane st.clair

    Would like you to post starting pitchers for each game. With both Bundy and Gausman at Bowie it would be nice to know when they are pitching.

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